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Mrs D Speirs
In 2010, one of my front teeth, which had been crowned for many years, became problematic. The crown kept falling off due to decay in the root canal. The Hollies Dental Practice were very thorough in their examination and explained very clearly what options were available to me. I decided to have an implant and although fairly nervous generally when it comes to visiting the dentist, the whole procedure was carried out with every care and consideration for my comfort. Apart from this, all the dental work that I, and my husband have undergone, has been of the highest standard.

Mr P Utton
Friendly, relaxed, informative – and pain free! Brief and to the point!

Mr J.W.C Arkle
Noticing that the gap between my two front teeth was widening I asked Stephan if there was a way of bringing the teeth together. He advised me about the "Clearstep" system and although my teeth would not be straightened "overnight" it was felt that a good "result" could be achieved. The good "result" was amazing and I now have the straightest of teeth. As the "Clearstep" name suggests the "guard" around the teeth is clear so nobody is aware that you are wearing it. I"m no longer a little embarrassed about how my teeth look, they’ve been transformed. I can only recommend "Clearstep" strongly. You"ll only be delighted with the outcome.

Miss C Clarke
I was told the best treatment would be an implant but was worried about what was involved. Stephan and his team explained everything thoroughly to me and they were very kind and patient with me being SO nervous. Thank you so much for everything. I am very pleased with the implant and cosmetically you cannot tell which tooth it is.

Mrs J Goodall
After I had lost a top molar crown, my dentist Stephan Kotzenberg gave me four choices. Have a gap or a bridge into a good tooth and a crowned one, or a tooth on a plate, or an implant. I wasn't happy having a gap, a plate or drilling into good teeth. I didn't want to compromise my eating and chewing so I decided after the initial hesitation on cost to go with the implant. Stephan talked me through the whole procedure and let me go home to think about it. I decided I would go ahead with implant three days later, after nearly two hours of painless procedure was sent home with painkillers and mouthwash, which I have never needed. I would have no qualms with repeating procedure if ever I need to.

Mrs J Forvargue
Although quite a lengthy process, I was confident it would be well worth having the implant, especially as the tooth was near the front of my mouth and within my smile line. Stephan and his team were very professional and offered help and advice every step of the way, and I am very pleased with the result. The implant looks very natural and blends in with my other teeth very well, a good investment. I would certainly recommend The Hollies Dental Practice.

Miss J Kavaliauskas
All the staff at The Hollies Dental Practice are really friendly and chat to me as soon as I walk in. Stephan explained the 6 Month Smiles treatment really well and made sure I was happy with the progress on each visit. After only a few months wearing braces (which aren’t that noticeable) my teeth are straight and I’m so happy with the result that I wish I’d had my bottom teeth done too!

Mrs J Harding
Thank you to everyone at The Hollies Dental Practice for looking after me when I plucked up courage to have my teeth done. A massive thank-you to Stephan for assuring me that everything would be ok! I received many months of treatment, from root canal to finally my veneers, with no discomfort. I am so happy with my new teeth!

Mrs G Ward
For years I had gaps in my teeth. I was very conscious when I smiled. I recently had four new implants, all at the same time, I wish I had had it done before. I am so pleased with my new teeth and the treatment which was first class. I felt no pain before, during or after. I was given pain killers which I did not need. I would highly recommend the treatment. My aftercare was also excellent, all the staff were so helpful. Thank you once again.

Miss S Stevens
I am very pleased with the treatment I have received and would recommend anyone to go ahead with 6 Month Smiles treatment. It has given me more confidence and I have had lots of comments how good my teeth look. The time and care throughout the whole treatment has been faultless!

Mr G Reid
Regarding a dental implant and associated treatment performed by dentist Stephan Kotzenberg on myself (in June 2010) I can highly recommend the work executed by the dentist and other involved staff. His explanations given before and during the procedure, and the follow-up, were of the highest order – clinically and empathetically, and no pain at any stage! One feels good about attending this practice any time including the hygienist’s treatment.

Lee Wagstaff
My experience with Stephan at The Hollies Dental Practice was so much more professional than I had ever experienced during my visits to the dentist I was registered with in St Neots. After a thorough examination Stephan was able to assess correctly that implants were not an option for me, due to the angle of the roots on my surrounding teeth (something that my regular dentist had not recognised). However, Stephan was able to fit bridges over the two areas and give me the smile I had always wanted. I was extremely impressed by the professional approach and how at ease I felt during the whole procedure. I felt no pain at all and Stephan explained clearly in great detail about the treatment during each appointment. I would like to thank Stephan and all the staff at The Hollies and would totally recommend them to anyone thinking of using their services.

Mr R Gowler
I recently had an implant and some caps by Stephan. I was a little apprehensive, but need not have been. The treatment at The Hollies was superb and far exceeded my expectations. All staff very helpful and encouraging.

Mr R Loos
When I asked Dr Kotzenberg to give me a quote and analysis of the possibility of getting an implant to replace a molar that had been removed he gave a thorough examination, x-rays to determine if there was enough bone and a thorough analysis of the process and what I could expect. When I decided to go ahead he laid out the whole plan and everything proceeded very well. I have had the implant for a couple of months now and could not be happier with it. Dr Kotzenberg is a very thorough person who makes sure you understand all the negatives and positives of your procedure.

Mr R Collinson
Treatment isn’t complete yet – healing cap and crown still have to be fitted – but I have been very impressed so far with the friendliness and professionalism of the practice and the skill and approachability of the dentist. Before embarking on the dental implant treatment, the whole process, together with likely costs and alternatives was clearly explained to me by the dentist and followed up in writing. When the implant was done it was inserted with great care and skill, and every effort was made to ensure the process was as pain free as possible. I was given the telephone number to ring should I need it afterwards and the subsequent aftercare has been extremely thorough. I have been kept very well informed at every stage of the process, and have always been put at ease with the treatment.

Mrs W Powell
I approached the dental implant by Stephan with trepidation but out of necessity. It turned out to be virtually pain free and I only had to take one of a weeks’ supply of pain killers afterwards. A very successful operation carried out with skill and care.

Mrs D Gowler
I would just like to let you know about the experience that I have had with The Hollies Dental Practice in Chatteris, which I have been a patient with for nearly 40 years and I have always been very happy with the care they have given me. Also I must say that the staff have been very helpful and caring. In the past 12 – 18 months Stephan, my dentist, has done a lot of work on my teeth and he always talks through what he is doing and thanks to Stephan I have the perfect smile.

Mrs M Bailey

Before having a dental implant I felt very apprehensive but Stephan has a lovely, calming and relaxed manner and explained the process to me in detail so that I knew what was being carried out during the treatment. I would recommend others to The Hollies Dental Practice as all the staff there put me at ease and were all really friendly and welcoming.

Mr A R Phillips

It has now been a year since I had my implant and I could not be happier. The procedure went exactly as planned and Stephan's patience in explaining what he was about to do each step of the way was very reassuring. I am very pleased that I had an implant rather than a plate. I do not know that it is there, and unlike a plate, it should never require checking and replacing.

Mrs A Connolly

I was referred to Stephan Kotzenberg after my front teeth started to move in my late 30's. I was about to get married and only had 5 months until the big day. I was worried we didnt have enough time to improve my teeth and anxious about wearing a brace at 38 years old! However, the care and service I received from the team was brilliant. Stephan worked incredibly hard and got amazing results. I am absolutely delighted with the result and walked down the aisle with a fabulous smile! The whole experience was incredibly easy and fast and I would not hesitate to recommend this practice.




Mr S Hayden

I've had many different treatments over the past few years to get my teeth healthy and looking great again. The advice, professionalism is excellent and all my treatments were done in a timely fashion even with a few complications which were also communicated to me.

Mr S Edgley

I am so pleased I allowed The Hollies Dental Practice to do my dental work on my implants. I was really happy with the treatment and care I recieved throughout my procedures. I was very nervous at first but I need not have been because of the professional and relaxing atmosphere all employees showed me on every occasion. I would recommend The Hollies to anyone wishing to have a really professional and good looking treatment done to their teeth.

Miss C King

Very happy with the crowns I have had put in. A good job and its good to know that the dentist makes sure that both him and the patient are 100% happy before the permanent work is done. I am now one happy smiley patient.

Mrs G Whatley

I'm absolutely delighted with the results from having a brace on my top teeth; I now have a perfect smile. It was definately worth the time it took to correct my teeth - I can smile with confidence. The care and attention I received from The Hollies Dental Practice was second to none.

Mr David Band

After having a bridge break with great embarrassment while on holiday abroad I had two sets of false teeth made, neither of which I was comfortable with, so I went down the implant route. Not cheap, but 12 months later I have no regrets. In fact I only am reminded of them when I am enjoying a toffee, something my false teeth would not allow!

Mr Ruhan Du Plooy

I am very happy with my new dental implants. Dr Kotzenberg and the rest of the crew were all very proffessional and friendly. I can certainl;y recommend 'The Hollies' to anyone considering dental treatment.

Mrs Judith Dean

I was referred to 'The Hollies' by my dentist to have an infected tooth replaced by an implant. The surgery is bright and spacious and the reception staff very friendly. Mr Kotzenberg put me at ease immediately and explained everything fully. After x-rays he told me that I needed a 'sinus lift' as my jaw bone was insufficient to hold the new tooth. Although this was a lengthy process I was kept very comfortable throughout. I am very pleased with my implant and do not hesitate to recommend 'The Hollies'.

Mrs Jane Dunham

I was very nervous about having the implant, but was put at ease by Stephan and his team and as I had been assured the surgery was entirely painless. I am very pleased that I had the implant as it looks and feels completely natural and no-one can tell which tooth it is, the colour match being very good I feel confident, that should I require, I would not hesitate to have another implant.